For the past three years now we have been facing very blunt thrown into our face trama on social media from murders to laws that are taking away our freedoms and just the raw realization that many groups of people may not have had much freedom in the first place! The US feels kinda like a big ponzi scheme and we get to just live in it haha πŸ˜… SOOOO yeah lets talk about resting since on top of the pandemic we have been dealing with a lot!! grabbing a good beer from a good brewery can ease the feeling of any guilt you might already be feeling because you are now telling your brain subconsciously hey girl you did at least one good thing today haha realistically though you have probably done so many good things today or in the past that are setting you up for success to do more great things

πŸ’• make sure you get some sleep or at least relax πŸ’•

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