Beer GIFs Culture Shift

Beer has always been male dominated, in the media, in the workforce, and in the bars .. literally just everywhere and honestly it is kinda dumb because well there are thousands of women who love beer! It is time for a culture shift in the beer world. Really the whole world needs a culture shift but that is overwhelming (it is like eating a steak in one bite we need to cut it up to eat a steak). what we can do is focus on one area of the world (we focus on one bite of steak we eventually finish the steak but it is one bite at a time)!

Anyways soo I make GIFs and I can make more than just GIF stickers I make normal GIFs that you post on twitter, tumblr, pinterest, iMessages etc...

I would like to blow up GIPHY with beer drinking babes LIKE YOU!! right now if you search beer you find well you can prob guess.. men, women blacking out, oktoberfest, the simpsons, and big beer. don't get me wrong if you scroll long enough you can find some good gifs that have female representation but it doesn't even put up a fair match to the amount of gifs there are with male representation. 

and again I went on a tangent .... send me your beer drinking videos any that you have funny not funny you can put a caption you would like to go with it it can even just be a simple cheers video! I do not care, just send them my way and i will be turning them into GIFs for the public to love! This is a project I am doing for free but it would be amazing to help support it as it does take a generous amount of time to make each GIF feel free to PAY AS YOU WISH!